Latest News

Specification updates

Following discussions on our mailing list to better support the Opus codec, we added some elements to Matroska v4:

libEBML 1.3.0 and libMatroska 1.4.0 released

We've released new versions of both libraries fixing bugs, extending the API and adding new elements.

Source Code Repository Migration to Git

We've changed the way we host our source code repositories. What has formerly been a monolithic Subversion repository has now been split up into one Git repository per project.

New Elements in Matroska v4

Following recent discussions we have introduce Matroska v4.

mkvalidator & mkclean versions

There are new versions of mkvalidator (0.4.1) and mkclean (0.8.7) that supp

Misc releases

New versions of mkclean and mkvalidator are out.

mkclean & mkvalidator OS X builds

We just released new mkclean and mkvalidator with minor fixes/enhancements

mkclean & mkvalidator releases

We just released some minor updates to our validation and cleaning tools mkvalidator &

libebml & libmatroska versions

We have update libebml and libmatroska to fix various bugs, see their respective changelog for details

test2.mkv & 3D mkclean

A user reported us an error in our Test Suite, the test2.mkv file had an incorrect duration set without the TimecodeScale applied, whereas the specs say it sho