Latest News

Cover Art and Advanced Tagging sample

After the guide about cover art in Matroska, the best way to push this feature forward is to make a sample files so that coders

Matroska Stereo 3D

Matroska had a Stereo flag for a long time. Stereo 3D has always been an early goal for Matroska but we lacked the use and devices/real life examples to test.

Cover Art

We have added some guidelines for people who want to add cover art inside their Matroska files.

Matroska Cover Art Guidelines

With the rise of Media Centers and even programs to manage large amounts of audio files, it's becoming necessary to visualize your files easily, not just browse by names.

Test Suite

After many years of talking about it, we finally created the first test suite of files to validate Matroska players.

New Versions For Validation And Cleaning Tools

mkclean and mkvalidator have just been updated.

Misc News

There is a lot going on in the Matroska world. Visible and not visible things. For example libebml2 (a pure C and BSD version of libebml) can now handle CRC-32 on read and write operations.

IRC server switch

A brief but important message to let everyone know that we moved back the #matroska IRC channel to the FreeNode network.

Milestone: Live Streaming

As I am writing this, the GUADEC is taking place in Paris.

Matroska Tag Examples

We added XML versions of the audio and video tag samples s