Latest News

new mkvalidator tool

We have just released another new companion tool for you .mkv/.mka files: mkvalidator

mkclean 0.1.5 is out

A new version of mkclean is out.

New libebml / libmatroska

We have just released new versions of libebml 0.8.0 and libmatroska 0.9.0.

new tool mkclean

As the web is buzzing about the video element of HTML5, and Matroska appears to be an option with MP4 and Ogg, we have released

New Technical Pages

Better late than never, we finally added some guidelines pages to answer the more technical questions we often get when it gets to reading or writing Matroska content.

MkvToolnix 3.3.0 is out

Moritz Bunkus (and all the contributors) have made a new release of the main Matroska tool mkvtoolnix. This new 3.3.0 version adds a few minor features and the usual bugfixes.

Follow on Twitter

We now have a Twitter account so you can follow "live" what's going on in the world of Matroska. link

New Logo

We are proud to present you the new official Matroska logo:

MkvToolnix 3.2.0 is out

Moritz Bunkus has updated his mkvtoolnix to version 3.2.0.

CES 2010 summary of new Matroska devices

Even more than last year there was a big flow of new Matroska enabled hardware this year at CES. Here is a list of the ones we could find in the press.