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Mkvmerge 2.9.9

Mkvmerge 2.9.9 is out. As usual you can find binaries and the changelog on Moritz Bunkus' website.

Seagate FreeAgent Theater+

Seagate also joins the list of devices that will help your TV just about everything, including all kinds of Matroska flavours.

Plenty of new Matroska hardware

It's been about 6 months since we last filed this news section and since then a lot of new hardware has been announced and released. Here is a non exhaustive list:


Mkvmerge 2.9.8

Moritz Bunkus released a new version 2.9.8 of mkvtoolnix on the 2009/08/13.

LG Blu-Ray Player supporting Matroska

The LG BD370 seems to be the first Blu-Ray player to support Matroska playback. And it's not made by an obscure manufacturer !

New LaCie DVR to support Matroska

This new LaCie Cinema Black MAX can play MKV files up to 1080p and also record analog or DVB-T (probably not in Matroska).

More Matroska Hardware: SageTV HD Theater

2009 will definitely the year that Matroska sets place on the TV. Here is another device that supports MKV files: the SageTV HD Theater.

CES 2009 & Matroska

This year the Consumer Electronic Show 2009 saw the rise of hardware devices supporting Matroska out of the box.

Welcome to the new

As you can see, we now have a new look for

DivX(TM) Plus supports Matroska

DivX(TM) has announced their new DivX 7. Among various the new technology they support, there is Matroska in their DivX Plus HD profile.